Here I will post updated CVs

This is my SINTEF CV

This is my short SINTEF CV (4 pages)

Here I will post inputs and models used in my YouTube videos. You will also find papers describing the technology applied in some of the videos

This is the excel file I use to calculate mass and stiffness proportional damping of FE models

This is the Original Bower Wilkinson DM602 loudspeaker model in NX prt format

This zip file contain several NX models for geometry idealization exercises

This is a geometry idealization tutorial for (mainly NX) users

This zip file contains models used in my bolted hinge meshing and simulation videos

This pdf file shows how to tune a PID controller with Finn Haugens "Good Gain Method"

Here I will post papers describing the basic theory applied in my projects and videos

Digital Twin Based Structural health Monitoring of Offshore Crane, Terje Rølvåg and Øystein Stranden, 41st International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering, OMAE 2022 

Digital Twin Based Condition Monitoring of a Knuckle Boom Crane; an Experimental Study, Torbjørn Moi, Andrej Ciblicik and Terje Rølvåg, Engineering Failure Analysis v112 (104517), 2020

ISO 10303 AP209—Why and how to embed nonlinear FEA, Remi Lanza, Jochen Haenisch, Kjell Bengtsson, Terje Rølvåg, Advances in Engineering Software 154 (2021), ELSEVIER, 102976, 2021

Fatigue analysis of high performance race engines, T. Rølvåg, B.Haugen, Matteo Bella and F. Berto, Engineering Failure Analysis v112 (104514), 2020

Shark attacks on offshore streamer cables, T. Rølvåg, A.B.Hagen and T.B.Hagen, Engineering Failure Analysis v110 (104403), 2020

Trade Study to Select Best Alternative for Cable and Pulley Simulation for Cranes on Offshore Vessels, Gaute Fotland Cecilia Haskins and Terje Rølvåg, The Journal of The International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE), 2019

Relating Structural Test and FEA Data with STEP AP209, R.Lanzaa, J.Haenisch, K.Bengtsson, and T.Rølvåg, accepted for publication in the International Journal of Advances in Engineering Software, 2018

Leanification of the Engineering Process for Customized Road safety Products, S. Ulonska, T. Welo and T. Rølvåg, Int. Design Conference - DESIGN, 2018

Dynamic Test Bench for Motocross Engines, T Rolvag and Matteo Bella, International Journal of Advances in Mechanical Engineering (IJAME), Vol.9(10) 1-19, SAGE Open Access, 2017

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Multidisciplinary FEA based modeling and simulation of Moto GP Racing bike, Terje Rølvåg, International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modeling and Testing (IJVSMT), 2014 (see video)

Influence of Pole and Slot Combinations on Magnetic Forces and Vibration in Low-Speed PM Wind Generators, M. Valavi, A. Nysveen, R. Nilssen, T. Rølvåg, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, TMAG-13-07-0462.R1 m, 2014

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