More Videos and Papers coming .....

Excel used in Structural Damping video (Rayleigh)

NX Geometry Idealization Commands

NX Geometry Idealization Parts

NX Geometry Idealization B&W DM602 Parts used in video

NX Load Frame parts used in video

NX Bolted Hinge parts used in video

Dynamic Test Bench for Motocross Engineses (AiME Journal Paper)

Using finite element modelling and simulations to test MotoGP bikes (IJVSMT Journal Paper)

FE simulation of Soft Wing Impactor for Aviation Mast Frangibility testing (IJC Journal Paper)

Leanification of the engineering process for customized road traffic products (ETO system)

Digital twin based condition monitoring of a knuckle boom crane ( ELSEVIER Journal Paper)

Fatigue analysis of high performance race engines ( ELSEVIER Journal Paper)

Shark attacks on offshore streamer cables ( ELSEVIER Journal Paper)

AP-209 Why and how to embed non-linear FEA ( ELSEVIER Journal Paper)

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